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OMG ITS 2011

2011-01-01 12:53:44 by surfahboy87

im totaly gonna do NOTHING lol yeah i never do anything so mght as well keep it like that

pisssed off

2010-04-01 17:30:51 by surfahboy87

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so pissed off

kevin bacon

2010-04-01 17:17:24 by surfahboy87

kevin bacon stoled allz of my bacon but the bacon he tookwas sausege

dontreally knowwhat to type but might as well update this box. I havent been on newgrounds beceause someone borrowed my laptop and i forgot i had my paswords saved on it so he was using my account and changed the password.(the douch) anyways if you read this and thin wow this guy is gay or wow so stupid or somthing like that fuck off you prick stop using the internet to annonomysly tell people that bullshit.



2009-08-29 20:25:05 by surfahboy87


seriously its like i search on google and there was a surfahboy everywere and it wasnt me so if your reading this and you have the name plz stop but also tell other pple not to do it aither

i want everybody to stop copying my name

my computer

2009-05-31 16:40:01 by surfahboy87

my computer sucks so fucking bad that I wanted to throw it out the window. But i diddn't because my dad was there when i was picking it up.


2009-05-30 01:08:42 by surfahboy87

i was trying to upload my flash movie and then my computer was all like (pop-up) this action is currentlly unavailable and i was like im done and then walked away and ate a turky sandwich and then joged a mile